Hi, I'm Mark.

My main focus is set on web & visual design. I’m passionate about simplicity and use it as an inspiration in my projects. In my work I try to combine a user-centered approach with timeless design that goes beyond trends.


I always think about the user, anticipating his next steps on the page. I create mock-ups and interactive prototypes to make my projects not only attractive by design but also as intuitive and timeless as possible.


Thoughtful design and storytelling are the foundation of a memorable brand. By asking the right questions and really getting to know you and your business, I will create a strong visual identity system that ensures consistency as your business grows.


In the age of Social Media, when everything looks perfect, the most important thing is trust. I will help you stand out from the competition. Forget about classic advertising, create content that will build your image of an expert, which will help others choose your brand. I am sure that the effectiveness of my work will be counted in likes!

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with my clients. Each of their projects posts very unique challenges that require creative solutions.


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